Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cleaning dirtiness, not killing, is the battle

Recently thousands of Kurdish Pesmarga forces have been sent to the so-called disputed areas to
closely watch
any threat might attempt for cleansing the Kurdish identity of Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Jalawla an
d many other


Whom they could fight there? What will be the outcomes if a single fire shot?
The answer takes long. But certainly it is a risk that we can agree about.
Fighting is a
catastrophe there. Pulling back those forces is a shame. Then what
to do?
Changing the task of those forces can be
d carry spades. a sug
gestion. They can drop the guns an

They can
become man
powers to clean the garbage, help the peopling constructing houses, aiding farmers greening their fields, helping… aiding….
The KRG which now is debating its annual budget
can dedicate a share for thos
e places, for example 25% of it. And hold 25% of the government employees’ sa

laries to donate for those places. I think that the Kurdistan people will accept it warmly. It will mak
e five or six trillion Iraqi dinars.
Hundreds of projects can be done with it.
The Pesmarga forces are already there and be used to help in the constructions of schools, hospitals, water projects, roads…..
It will not affect the honor of Pesmarga, but will increase their trustworthy.
Don’t they win the battle this way?

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