Friday, April 16, 2010

Anfal leaves survivor infertile

After-effects of 1988 Anfal tactics produce misery to this dayMore than 20 years later, an injection given to an imprisoned Kurdish man during the Anfal Operation still haunts him.
After 13 years of marriage, Ibrahim Amin still has not become father. Medical reports recently revealed that his infertility is because of an injection he was given while in jail.

Kurds rebury massacred children

“My Hajar was quite a lady…like an angel.”
Anfal’s 22nd anniversary observed at a funeral of 104 children and two women

One day 22 years ago, Maryam Faqe Ali was separated from her family—she never saw them again. Seeking to start a routine rural life, they were interrupted by an army attack on their village of Askar, southwest of Suleimaniya.
Her husband, Hassan Mohammad, was shot dead. She and other women from the village smelled toxic gas. But the women were able to escape the army and the gas as they hid in a pool of water. Her three children and a daughter-in-law were captured and they disappeared.
“My eldest son was dear Sabir, and my Talib was like that boy,” she pointed to a child nearly 8 years old as she mentioned her lost children. “My Hajar was quite a lady…like an angel,” she said, then burst into tears. “The Baath government…only because we were Kurds,” Ali said in reply to why they were targeted.