Thursday, January 14, 2010

Children starved to death in a Baath jail

Witnesses tell of burying Anfaled children in Dubis

Children who died of starvation will be memorialized and remembered for their suffering.

Underground, in a space twice as large as a basketball court, Karwan, Hiwa, and many others of their age—less than 12 years old—who endured starvation and imprisonment, were buried by volunteers in Dubis, a multiethnic town northwest of Kirkuk.
"This grave is of Hiwa. I remember very well the day the prison guards brought him," said Hassan Ahmed, a water project worker who had dug many graves for children taken out dead from a military prison in his town in 1988. That time, Ahmed was an 18-year-old student; his home was located close to the children’s cemetery next to the Old Mosque of Dubis.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

KRG criticizes UNAMI report

UNAMI accuses the KRG of having “secret jails” in Kurdistan Region; KRG denies the charge
Report welcomes KRG attempts to “improve prison situations,” but claims it violates detainees’ rights at the same time.