Thursday, February 24, 2011

To move guns out

Guns no more to exist inside Kurdistan towns we don't need them. here are some suggestions:

1- Traffic police never must be armed
2- Police must drop guns and be equipped with civilized tools like electric sticks, water cannons, tear gas pistols, and plastic bullet--note-- only for special cases of need that can be regulate by a law.
3- Guards (of buildings) must not have guns, or at least when they stand outside the buildings. They can be equipped with cams and other things.
4- The guns must remain only in hand of the peshmarga soldiers; and they should be deployed outside the cities, for example at the borders.
5- Shooting on air, for any excuse, must be prohibited. When shooting on air particularly inside cities, means coming down of bullets as well. This can be fatal too and the victims from far with not doubt are innocents.
6- The threat of terror is something can be treated outside towns, at check points and at borders. Thus, there is no need for anti-terror headquarters inside the towns.
7- Military uniforms in head-to-toe black are scary and spread fear in people; they must be changed and not be seen in the markets.
8- People also must be disarmed.
Simply we don't need them any more

opinion by Ako

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